Cottonwood is an autonomous church, which governs her affairs independent of denominational controls. Our governing body consists of the pastors and deacons. Pastors oversee the church and are particularly involved with teaching, prayer, counseling, and guidance of the church. Deacons serve in designated roles such as music ministry, building and grounds, finances, etc.

Multiplying Leaders

Each pastor must meet the qualifications set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Emphasis is placed on godly character, but a pastor must also have strong ministry skills and hold to sound biblical doctrine. Prospective pastors are developed from within the local church and are required to fulfill a 2-year course through the Great Commission Leadership Institute that includes 2 national and 6 regional conferences/seminars along with home study under the tutelage of local pastors. The local pastors also teach additional classes to equip potential pastors-in-training. New pastors are appointed/recognized by the existing governing board with consent of the church members.

Deacons must meet the qualifications outlined in I Timothy 3:8-12. Their service will be in designated areas requiring trust, leadership, and initiative. They, like pastors, are appointed by the governing board with consent of the church members. Pastors and deacons and all those serving in leadership or ministry capacities must agree to a moral purity covenant.


Cottonwood Community Church is joined together with two other church plants.

Harvest Church in Warren, MN: Website

Submerge Church in Fargo, ND: Website