Awana fees

Registration Costs

Awana registration fees are $35.00 per child each year.
Registration cost is capped at two children per family ($70.00).

Additional Costs

Cubbies (3yr-5yr):
$10.00 for vest
$7.50 for handbook

Sparkies (K-2):
$10.00 for vest
$10.00 for each handbook

Truth & Training (3-6):
$13.00 for each uniform
$9.00 for each handbook

*Your child will receive a certificate upon earning a new handbook or uniform. The certificate will indicate payment for these items. If you wish to purchase a uniform or handbook, please bring the certificate to the Awana Sign In table along with payment for the items you wish to purchase.  


Payment may be made in check or cash form and delivered to the Payment Box at the Awana Sign In table.

Please make checks payable to Cottonwood Community Church with "Awana" on the memo line.