Virtual Home Groups

Most of our groups are continuing to meet through ZOOM, Hangouts, or other means, even during the Coronavirus crisis.  Check out our listing and contact a leader, via text or email, to learn more or try one out.

Missing Something?

While our Sunday worship services are encouraging and instructive, it can be hard to really get to know people and develop friendships just on Sundays.  When it comes to growing in your faith, having a smaller group of friends who share a commitment to grow in their relationship with Jesus is one of the best (and most fun) ways to grow spiritually!

A home group is like having your own family within the larger extended church family. Our home groups are typically made up of 6-15 people who meet together in homes during the week. They gather to participate in relevant biblical discussions that will help you grow in your relationship with God.   Lots of people in home groups end up becoming really good friends with the other members in their group and enjoy doing life and having fun together. 

Everyone Needs Relationships

Everyone needs relationships.  With the constant influence of the internet and social media, many of us are more 'connected' with more people than ever before.  But how many people really know us?  How many people to we really know?  Today, despite all our "connections," many people feel a real need for real relationships. This is where home groups come in.

A Group to Fit Your Life

There are a variety of groups you can get involved with, depending upon where you are at in life.  Since most people gravitate towards people in the same life stage as themselves, most of our groups are organized that way.  We have groups for young professionals, college students, couples, newlyweds, parents and empty nest couples. While other home groups are made up of people who enjoying rubbing shoulders with folks in several different seasons of life.