Virtual Home Groups

Most of our groups are continuing to meet through ZOOM, Hangouts, or other means, even during the Coronavirus crisis.  Check out our listing and contact a leader, via text or email, to learn more or try one out.


You could attend Cottonwood for weeks, months or even years and still not feel connected!  This is where being involved in a home group comes in.  Person after person, couple after couple, family after family have expressed that getting involved in a group has been a significant step in their spiritual growth as well as how they got connected and made some great friends at Cottonwood!

We believe that ‘others-oriented’ love and real spiritual growth happen best in a caring community of friends.

Whether it is a home group, bible study, or accountability group, you will grow best with other people! Gathering together regularly to encourage each other in God’s Word (Heb. 10:25) and prayer are central to our spiritual growth as a follower of Christ.

Please browse the brochure or contact Pastor Pat at  for more information or help finding a group.