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Easter Resources:

Easter activities and craft ideas!     

Printable coloring pages

Fun ways to share the message of salvation with your kids:

Tea-bag Gospel

How to get colored water to clear up (demonstrates how Jesus washes us clean)

Online Resources for Children's Ministry 

Here is a video explaining our vision for this pandemic...

Sunday Resources:


AA Letter to Parents

God Gives Us Families-      Lesson Plan        PDF

Jesus Cares When We are Sick-     Lesson Plan         PDF

People in Families Care for Each other-   Lesson Plan        PDF   


Right now Kings Kids are going through Proverbs:                    

- March 29th - Proverbs 30                    

- April 5th- Proverbs 31         

- Typically the teacher goes through the chapter and sees what caught the kids attention.  Let them explain why a particular verse made them think. There are around 30 verses for each chapter so break it into 10 verse chunks.

AWANAs Resources:                                         

Cubbies routine/schedule   

          Cubbies Craft Ideas

         - Gospel Picture wheel

         -"Going to Share Jesus" (to the tune of Going on a Bear Hunt)                                                           

Sparkies & T&T routine/schedule                     

           Stories for Sparkies/T&T:




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