Jesus is the Way

May 06, 2018

Passage:John 14:1-14

Preacher: Pat Schultz

Series: Time with Jesus

Category: Sermon


Jesus is the Way

Time with Jesus, John 14— Part One





“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”

                      John 14:1 (ESV)



1.)     Jesus is the way to ___________________________________.







 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life…”

                                                                                           John 14:6 (ESV)



2.) Jesus is the way to _______________________________________________ in life.








12 I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

         John 14:12 (ESV)



3.) Jesus is the way to _______________________________________________ in life.





Jesus is the way.   Do you know Him?


Do you claim and experience what He promises in your life?