About Us

Real People...Experiencing a Real God

At Cottonwood you will encounter a church that is committed to presenting timeless Biblical truth in a relevant, authentic way.  When you stop in for a weekend service you'll meet friendly people, and encounter an atmosphere that you can ease into.

Our music team, made up of talented musicians, plays a lively and refreshing mix of modern worship songs and rich hymns. The sermons are encouraging, challenging and faithful to the Scriptures.  Services may include an occasional film clip or original video production that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Messages Designed for Your Life

At Cottonwood we take an honest approach to modern-day problems and how God is relevant to life. Each sermon is uniquely designed, offering Biblical answers for today’s challenges.  Cottonwood offers more than just church - we offer an authentic spiritual experience. We offer opportunities for people to explore Christianity and grow in their faith through worship, communion, serving and home groups. You can get involved at your own pace and in your own way.